Community Impact Initiative (CII)

Achieve Your Mission, Save Money, and Lead the Way to a Clean Energy Future

CII Overview

The Community Impact Initiative (CII) is a pathway open to small businesses and community-serving organizations to receive technical and project management assistance, access to affordable loans, and additional education about how to replace and upgrade building energy systems and tackle other deferred maintenance needs in a way that saves you and your organization time and money. Through third-party partners, CII borrowers will receive “green glove” service and support that helps to facilitate end-to-end client and project success.

Community Impact Initiative Overview

Who and What Qualifies

Who: Small businesses, non-profit organizations, childcare centers, faith-based institutions, community centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, and other community-serving institutions

What: Roof repairs, solar panels, HVAC replacements, building insulation upgrades, window remediation, water efficiency and lighting upgrades, energy efficiency and development projects, and much more

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