Karin Berardo

As Chief Investment Officer of DC Green Bank, Karin leads the Investment Team to originate, structure and asset manage its portfolio, and contributes to the bank’s strategy to achieve its climate, sustainability, and inclusive equity objectives.

Prior to joining DC Green Bank, Karin was an investment director for NatureVest at The Nature Conservancy, managing sovereign debt conversions and commercial blended finance solutions for sustainable blue economy, climate, conservation and biodiversity finance.  Karin brings over 30 years of experience as a Banker for a Healthy Planet, having financed and developed over $2 billion of sustainable infrastructure investments in affordable housing, commercial real estate, renewable energy, waste management, regenerative agriculture, conservation, natural capital solutions and inclusive entrepreneurships on five continents.  Key milestones from Karin’s work include serving as the first female CEO of a renewable energy finance company in the Abu Dhabi Global Markets in the United Arab Emirates, raising the first global investment fund to finance workforce housing and related infrastructure in South Africa, and leading research on sustainable natural resources management and policy in the Brazilian Amazon, delivering a report that guided World Bank funding strategies in the region.

Karin completed her BA in Latin American Studies, a Masters in Public Policy, and an International MBA, all at the University of Chicago.