We Are DC Green Bank

Financing an Inclusive Clean Energy Future

DC Green Bank leverages public funding to attract private capital
Our Mission

DC Green Bank provides access to capital, growing the clean economy to develop a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable DC.

DC Green Bank leverages public purpose funding to attract private capital to:

  • Create jobs and spur economic growth
  • Meet the District’s sustainability and resilience goals
  • Reduce carbon emissions and install clean energy systems
  • Reduce residents’ utility costs
  • Improve infrastructure resilience

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DC Green Bank provides access to capital, growing the clean economy to develop a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable DC.

DC Green Bank is a catalyst for a more equitable and thriving DC

Our innovative financing solutions prioritize making the clean economy inclusive and affordable for DC residents, organizations, and businesses. DC Green Bank integrates and coordinates its financing with District initiatives, leading the way for DC to transition to a city that runs on 100% renewable energy, for a healthier, more resilient, and sustainable community. View Our Product Offerings
DC Green Bank is a catalyst for a more equitable and thriving DC>
Our Vision & Values

A Thriving, Clean Economy for All DC

DC Green Bank values Sustainability. We know that when economic development, the environment, and public health are in balance that communities will thrive.

DC Green Bank values the Clean Economy. We are investing in a clean economy for the District where economic renewal and job creation go hand-in-hand with a cleaner, more energy-efficient, and resilient community.

DC Green Bank values Inclusive Prosperity. We are investing in clean energy and a resilient future making sure every community across the District sees and experiences the benefits.

A Thriving, Clean Economy for All DC

The Work of DC Green Bank

  • Invest in clean infrastructure, the deployment of clean technologies, and energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Maximize the impact and benefit to DC residents of public funds by leveraging and encouraging private investment alongside our financing.
  • Develop and launch financial tools that increase capacity, accelerate lending, address financing gaps, and reduce upfront costs.
  • Drive innovation to create equitable access to credit for sustainable technologies, eliminating the vestiges of historical and systemic barriers to credit access in DC’s communities.

Our Story

The Mayor and City Council created DC Green Bank in 2018 with the District of Columbia Green Finance Authority Establishment Act.

With the clear goal of accelerating the clean energy transition, DC Green Bank will mobilize private investment to provide gap financing, remove up-front costs and maximize the impact of public investments in carbon neutrality, climate resiliency, and inclusive economic growth. It will facilitate a more equitable green transition where all DC residents are recipients of the benefits of a cleaner and vibrant city.

Moreover, DC Green Bank seeks to be the go-to financing resource for District residents, small business owners, and commercial developers interested in energy efficiency improvements, clean energy installations, and green infrastructure construction.

The faces of DC Green Bank

Meet Our Team & Board Members

Current Openings

DC Green Bank is investing in the future of DC residents and businesses. We’re committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment, and promoting accessibility in all we do. We’re building a diverse team of talented and passionate individuals to help us carry out this mission. Join us.
  • Executive Assistant

    DC Green Bank is looking for an Executive Assistant to manage the CEO’s calendar, oversee day-to-day office operations, and manage office supplies and facilities. You should be highly organized and able to pitch in wherever need to ensure our office runs efficiently.

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