What is DC Green Bank?

DC Green Bank is a financial institution that lends money to various constituencies to meet the District’s sustainability goals. DC Green Bank mobilizes private investment to provide gap financing, remove up-front costs, and maximize the impact of public investments in carbon neutrality, climate resiliency, and inclusive economic and job growth.

What type of financial institution is DC Green Bank?

DC Green Bank is an investment bank. We seek to be the go-to financing resource for District residents, small business owners, and commercial developers interested in energy efficiency improvements, clean energy installations, and green infrastructure construction.

Does DC Green Bank service customers like a commercial or “real” bank?

DC Green Bank does not operate as a commercial or consumer bank – meaning, we do not offer traditional checking or savings accounts. Our focus is financing sustainability investments in the District.

How is DC Green Bank funded?

DC Green Bank is an instrumentality of the DC Government, meaning our initial funding is granted by the DC Government. The District of Columbia Green Finance Authority Establishment Act of 2018 created DC Green Bank, and we are working towards self-sufficiency.

What are the objectives of DC Green Bank?

DC Green Bank aims to:

Invest in clean infrastructure, the deployment of clean technologies, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Maximize the impact and benefit to DC residents of public funds by leveraging and encouraging private investment alongside our financing.

Develop and launch financial tools that increase capacity, accelerate lending, address financing gaps, and reduce upfront costs.

Drive innovation to create equitable access to credits for sustainable technologies, eliminating the vestiges of historical and systemic barriers to credit access in DC’s communities.

What kinds of projects does DC Green Bank fund?

Initially, we are focused on funding solar power systems, transportation electrification, energy efficiency for buildings, and stormwater resilience projects.

We are also accepting proposals through our Open RFP program to fund additional innovative clean energy and energy efficiency projects in the District.

Does DC Green Bank loan individuals money?

Unfortunately, we are not making loans to individuals. We are working to develop products to deliver finance to individual residents that want to do their part to install clean energy or energy efficient systems in their homes. In the meantime, we encourage you to get involved with your councilmembers and Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) to get involved with DC Green Bank on a local level and to bring sustainable projects to your neighborhood.

How can I apply for a loan from DC Green Bank?

We have several loan products available to date. For more information and to see if you qualify, visit our “Products” page.

How can I get involved with DC Green Bank?

We are working on a variety of programs for the community and want to hear from you! Visit our “The Latest” page to learn more about our public events, register for our next board meeting, and to access other news as we continue to impact the community.