Property Owners and Operators

Reduced-interest loans for multifamily or commercial buildings for clean energy, energy and resource efficiency, and resilience improvements
  • Going green will save you green

    Going green will save you green

  • Lower your operating costs

    Lower your operating costs

Decrease Your Energy Usage, Increase Your Bottom Line

DC Green Bank is here to engage with building owners and contractors to identify financing options to install clean energy systems or upgrade to higher efficiency and more resilient facilities


DC PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy is an innovative program that lets building owners pay for green improvements over time through the existing tax assessment process. One of the biggest obstacles property owners face is a lack of near-term capital for upgrades. DC PACE addresses this challenge.

Highlights of DC PACE:

  • Offer 100% up-front financing with no money down
  • Design comprehensive projects that are immediately cash flow positive
  • Gain access to more potential customers
  • With DC PACE, contractors can initiate projects with deeper and more comprehensive energy upgrades, providing their clients with immediate positive cash flow and no out-of-pocket expense. DC PACE is available to building owners of all types – commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofits and multifamily.
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The Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables Program (CLEER) provides financing solutions for clean energy projects in existing buildings in DC.

DC Green Bank launched CLEER in partnership with Sandy Spring Bank, modeled after its successful implementation with Montgomery County Green Bank. This program has supported more than $2 million in projects, providing over $80,000 in energy savings for customers.

CLEER is available to multifamily, commercial and industrial property owners as well as commercial building tenants in Washington, DC. CLEER works through a network of authorized contractors, previously approved and/or in good standing with DC Green Bank, Pepco, DC’s Department of Energy and Environment, DC’s Sustainable Energy Utility, or its partners. CLEER ensures that commercial property owners have green building choices. Building owners can work with authorized contractors that are able to offer an affordable option for clean energy, and know that the commitment to these solutions will be transparent, sustainable, and supported by DC Green Bank.

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