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  • Lower Emissions and Save People Money

    Lower Emissions and Save People Money

  • All Finance Can Be Green Finance

    All Finance Can Be Green Finance

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DC Green Bank is ready to partner with local lenders and capital providers to deepen and expand the suite of clean financing options for area residents, businesses, organizations, contractors, and building owners.

Our Partnerships Program

DC Green Bank has existing partnerships with multiple area private capital providers, including community development financial institutions, and we are always looking to add more. We can help lower lender risk to support the deployment of clean energy technologies, energy efficiency upgrades, and other related investments. Green investments are an important and profitable part of the investing landscape and we are available to talk about how partnering with DC Green Bank can help you to enter this sector and strengthen your existing portfolio.

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Our Partnerships Program

Green banks open up innovative financing pathways to accelerate a transition to clean energy and higher energy efficiency. Green banks can deliver the proof of concept that private capital often needs in order to reduce uncertainty and to redirect resources to help us all build the cleaner future we so urgently need.

Eli Hopson, CEO - DC Green Bank