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  • Clean energy has never been more accessible

    Clean energy has never been more accessible

  • Energy efficiency means lower bills

    Energy efficiency means lower bills

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We have just launched a new partnership to bring affordable financing options to District residents to increase energy efficiency in their homes and SAVE MONEY!

District Residents Can Receive Affordable Financing For Residential Energy Efficiency Improvements Through CLEAN ENERGY ADVANTAGE - Including Affordable Interest Rates!

DC Green Bank is a proud participant of the CLEAN ENERGY ADVANTAGE PROGRAM, which offers residents of DC and Maryland affordable loan options to increase energy efficiency in area homes. Clean Energy Advantage is a partnership between DC Green Bank, the Maryland Clean Energy Center, the Montgomery County Green Bank, and InClime that provides a convenient way for area residents to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes and systems and save on utility bills ON DAY ONE.

Click below to learn more about Clean Energy Advantage and how to get started on building a more affordable and energy efficient future for your family.


Learn More About Clean Energy Advantage and Get Started Today


  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Get an energy audit for your home
  • Replace doors, windows, lighting, insulation and other features of your home to increase energy efficiency
  • Upgrade your heating and cooling systems as well as your system controls to save on your bills and keep energy costs down during the summer and winter
  • Upgrade appliances like diswashers, stoves and cooktops, and clothes washers to increase efficiency



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For additional information on other District energy efficiency programs please visit our colleagues at the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and the Department of Energy and Environment to evaluate your energy and climate footprint and to do your part. 


If you are looking for information on rooftop solar for your single family home, please check out the partnership between the Department of Energy and Environment and Energy Sage here to take a look at valuable educational resources, price calculators and marketplaces to help you learn about and shop for solar with confidence. These services are totally free and 100% online.