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Everyone Has a Role to Play
  • Clean energy has never been more accessible

    Clean energy has never been more accessible

  • Energy efficiency means lower bills

    Energy efficiency means lower bills

We Want to Hear from You

    At this time, DC Green Bank is not able to make loans to individual residents. However, we are working with partners in the region to develop partnerships to support residential lending options to meet this need.

    About Reduce Energy Use DC

    Reduce Energy Use DC (REUDC) is an initiative that encourages DC residents to conserve and lower their use of energy at home, in the office, and in life. In partnership with Mayor Bowser, Pepco, the Department of Energy & Environment, and DC Sustainable Energy Utility, DC Green Bank is proud to join the REUDC campaign to work with District residents to reduce our collective energy use, save money, and fight climate change. The REUDC campaign shares a variety of suggestions that families in the District can implement that will move the needle towards saving the planet, energy, and money! Any DC resident who takes the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge will have the opportunity to win a $300 credit towards their energy bill.

    What sparked this initiative?

    2019 was captured as being the second hottest year on record. In July 2019, DC consumed more than 1.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, translating to more than 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to the emissions of more than 170,000 cars on the road for a year. In 2020, the Reduce Energy Use DC Campaign was launched as another vehicle that could be used to collaboratively drive the reduction of energy usage. While 2019 was captured as being the second hottest year on record, 2020 has now claimed that ranking.

    REUDC wants to support the DC community and inform them of ways to lower their energy bill by taking small, reachable steps to conserve energy that can turn into habits. In 2020, although many were sheltering in place at their homes for many weeks, close to 2,500 residents took the REUDC pledge and adopted behaviors to intentionally conserve energy. The results were phenomenal!

    How Can You Help?

    REDUCE YOUR ENERGY USE as we are spending more time in our homes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are using more electricity to power our work, school and daily activities. This increased energy usage may not only be impacting your bills, but also contributing to climate change. We can all take simple steps, today and every day, to do good for both our wallets and the environment.

    Take the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge and learn how to use energy more efficiently, then take steps to reduce energy use at your home and save money while helping fight climate change. Working together, we can continue making a difference for our community and planet. By taking the pledge, you will receive energy-saving tips and a chance to win a $300 credit on your electric bill through one of several random drawings.

    Sign-up is easy: Sign-up now until July 31 by visiting or by texting “SaveMore” to 52886. After you take the pledge, you will receive tips on how to save energy.

    Spread the Word: Tell your friends and neighbors how they can pledge to reduce energy use too. Follow us on social media @ReduceEnergyDC and share pictures and videos of how you’re saving energy.

    We can all help! Together, DC can make a difference if we all take action to reduce energy use.

    We want to hear from you about how DC Green Bank can be a strong partner to help District residents contribute to meeting DC's climate and energy goals and to reduce energy consumption. Check out the 'Get Involved' section of our page to find ways to be a part of building a clean and inclusive energy future.

    DC Green Bank is in the process of exploring pathways to build clean energy and energy efficiency financing solutions to support District residents. We know that DC residents want to do their part to meet our collective climate and energy goals, and also want to save money by choosing sustainable options. DC Green Bank is working with partners in the region to develop partnerships to support residential lending options to meet this need, but we want your input as we build this program. Please use the form above to send us your thoughts on how to meet this need. 


    While we do this work, please visit our colleagues at the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and the Department of Energy and Environment to evaluate your energy and climate footprint and to do your part.