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Save money and increase resilience with clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades
  • Green Your Business

    Green Your Business

  • Save Money and Increase Cashflow

    Save Money and Increase Cashflow

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    DC Green Bank’s Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables Program is available to multifamily, commercial, and industrial property owners as well as commercial building tenants in Washington, DC. CLEER works through a network of authorized contractors, previously approved and/or in good standing with DC Green Bank, Pepco, DC’s Department of Energy and Environment, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, or its partners.

    This product ensures that small businesses have green building choices. Authorized contractors can offer small business customers an affordable option for clean energy, and you know the commitment to these solutions will be transparent, sustainable, and supported by DC Green Bank.

    Open Request for Proposals

    One of the clear strengths of DC Green Bank is our ability to tailor financing for specific needs. We are able to achieve this by engaging with District stakeholders to better understand what financing gaps they are facing and to working with other government and private sector partners to meet that need.

    As part of this process, we welcome proposals at any time through our Open RFP process aimed at addressing financing market gaps and barriers for projects related to clean energy, clean transportation, clean water, stormwater management, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and/or green infrastructure. The Open RFP is specifically designed for larger projects or portfolios of projects, likely over $250,000, but we are open to additional conversations to meet compelling needs.

    Open Request for Proposals