Annual Report & Audited Financial Statements

DC Green Bank is on the leading edge of the sustainable financing and green banking movement.

We play a critical role in the District’s ecosystem of actors that are charged with achieving the city’s climate, energy, economic development, and equity goals. We are proud of the partnerships we have developed, the investments we have made to deliver real impact in communities, and we know that next fiscal year will yield even larger results. We are committed to our focus on our core investment sectors – solar energy, greener buildings, stormwater infrastructure, and transportation electrification – and to ensuring that we deliver investments that touch every corner of the city. We are proud of the impact we have made thus far and look forward to playing an even larger role in accelerating a sustainable transition for the District in the future.

Download the FY23 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements on the right. If you want to view our 2023 Annual Public Hearing, click below.

2023 Annual Public Hearing

Recorded December 2023