Multi-Housing News: Can Green Banks Fast-Track the Switch to Clean Energy?

A new article in Multi-Housing News by Patricia Kirk features DC Green Bank in an overview of how green banks, boosted by new funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, can accelerate the transition to green energy and crowd in public investment in their communities.

From the article:

“Last year, for every dollar we invested in a project, more than eight additional dollars flowed in from private and other public partners, unlocking more than $130 million in overall community investment,” [DC Green Bank CEO Trisha Miller] added. Since established, the DC Green Bank has leveraged $50 million in direct public investment to generate $300 million in investment by capital partners.

The DC Green Bank focuses on supporting diversity in green development, which enables it to meet collective climate, energy, and community development goals, Miller said. “We work deliberately to meet communities and borrowers where they are, including supporting emerging developers with technical assistance.”

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