CLOSED – DCGB Invites Comms, Marketing, and PR Vendors to Propose Services

DC Green Bank invites private Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations vendors to propose comprehensive, outsourced services as the organization grows. This Request for Proposal (RFP) solicits a resource to serve as DCGB’s primary outsourced comprehensive communications, marketing, and public relations solution.

All proposals must be submitted to DCGB by 4:00pm on March 9, 2021.

If you have any questions about the RFP process, please email DC Green Bank at info@dcgreenbank.com.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Timeline

  • February 17, 2021
    RFP will be made available
  • March 9, 2021
    All proposals must be submitted to DC Green Bank by 4:00 pm Eastern
  • March 10, 2021
    Internal screening of proposals. DCGB will develop a shortlist of at least two institutions whose references will then be contacted.
  • March 15 - March 19, 2021
    Selected shortlist institutions will be requested to present their proposal.
  • March 22, 2021
    Selection of the successful firm will be made and negotiation of terms of engagement undertaken. Other shortlisted firms will be notified.
  • April 1, 2021
    Services commence