DC Green Bank, the DCSEU, and Flywheel Development Commemorate the Completion of New Community Solar Project

DC Green Bank, the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU), and Flywheel Development , alongside the Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure Lucinda Babers, and Chair of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment Mary Cheh, and residents commemorated the completion of a new community solar installation in Ward 7. Hosted in the Fairfax Villages Community, the solar installation will deliver a total of $3.375 million in energy savings to more than 450 low-to-moderate income residents across the District over the next 15 years through the Solar for All program. In addition to the community solar capacity, the project also supported roof replacements on 11 residential buildings, improving the energy efficiency and durability of the buildings. In total, the project is expected to reduce nearly 1,000 tons of CO2-equivalent annually and has generated good, clean economy jobs in the District.

DC Green Bank contributed more than $1.5 million in financing to support the project. “We are proud to continue to invest in the Fairfax Villages, which remains a model of sustainability for other District communities to follow,” said DC Green Bank CEO Eli Hopson. “Community solar installations like this are critical for our city to achieve Mayor Bowser’s visionary climate, energy, and equity commitments, and DC Green Bank will continue to marshal our resources to accelerate an inclusive green transformation for all DC.”
As the operator of the Solar for All program, the DCSEU worked closely with Flywheel Development to bring this project to completion. “We are honored to implement the Solar for All program in partnership with DOEE and local contractors like Flywheel Development,” said Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the DCSEU. “Community Solar projects like the one at the Fairfax Villages will bring significant electricity bill savings to low- to moderate-income District residents while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in support of Mayor Bowser’s vision for a carbon-free DC.”

This is the second community solar project delivered in the Fairfax Villages by DC Green Bank, the DCSEU, and Flywheel Development. “We are proud of what we have accomplished in partnership with DC Green Bank, the DCSEU, and the community,” said Jessica Pitts, Co-Founder and Principal of Flywheel Development. “These projects are a model for the District to follow to achieve climate and energy goals, bring down energy costs for residents, improve existing infrastructure, and retain affordability.”

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